Trump criticizes Gov. Haley at campaign stop in Sumter

Trump in Sumter 2.jpg

SUMTER, SC (WACH) - While Governor Nikki Haley was endorsing Marco Rubio in Chapin, Lt. Governor Henry McMaster stood alongside Donald Trump at the billionaire's rally in Sumter Wednesday night.

Trump has been criticizing the way Gov. Haley has handled the Syrian refugee and Guantanamo Bay situations, and Wednesday night that criticism continued.

"You know Nikki Haley, gave a speech a couple of weeks ago and she said that we, we yeah it's not good. First of all she's very weak on illegal immigration, she's very weak. She's very, very weak on illegal immigration, you can't have that. We need strong, strong immigration policies," Trump said as the Sumter Civic Center erupted with boos in support of their governor.

Trump also attacked Hillary Clinton, who he seems to be going head to head with at this point in the campaign.

Despite losing his lead in the national polls Wednesday according to NBC News, he still has a large lead in South Carolina ahead of Saturday's GOP Primary.

Even though he has that lead in SC, he told the crowd in Sumter to pretend everyone is tied and to go to the polls Saturday to vote.

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