TUESDAY TAILS: Meet Pawmetto Lifeline's Kaitlin!


It's not a "Tuesday Tails" without Pawmetto Lifeline introducing you to a new furry friend!

This week, it's a two-month-old Labrador Retriever mix named Kaitlin who is just a ball full of fun and energy.

The little lady pranced into the WACH FOX studio ready to play and was excited to meet the Good Day Columbia crew.

"We do have puppies right now and Kaitlin is one of five in her litter. She is just a delight!" explains Alexa Sparkman.

"Before we went on-air, I knew that it would be hard for a puppy as young as her to stay still for a few minutes on the couch so we ran and played around the newsroom to get her tired. It's definitely important to give a puppy run and play time otherwise they can get into trouble," says our Morning Traffic & Lifestyle Reporter Natalie Parsons who is also a dog owner.

The Adoptions Manager recommends having chew toys handy especially for dogs that are "teething," balls and Kongs so your new fur-baby will not experience periods of low stimulation.

Being that it is Valentine's Day week, it's also important to talk about matters of the heart and preventative heartworm treatment which is a must.

For more information about Pawmetto Lifeline's heartworm preventative services, treatment and to hear more about Kaitlin please view the full "Tuesday Tails" segment above.

If you are interested in adopting Kaitlin please visit the Pawmetto Lifeline "Adopt A Dog" webpage or call the rescue at (803)465-9170.

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