Tuesday Tails: Meet sibling kittens Vic & Vicky!


You've asked for it and Pawmetto Lifeline has heard you because we have kittens on this week's "Tuesday Tails."

The rescue's Alexa Sparkman brought in two sibling kitties between the age of 1-2 months named Vic and Vicky to show off on GOOD DAY COLUMBIA.

"It is kitten season which is a little bit of an explosion for young kittens coming into Pawmetto Lifeline. Vic and Vicky are siblings and they have several more. They are just wonderful and very in tuned with each other. They love to play and are your classic kitten, but after a nice long play session they are ready to curl-up right under your chin. They are fantastic," she says.

The rescue's Outreach Manager speaks about their "Trap, Neuter & Return" program (also known as "TNR" for short) and how it's helping the Midlands get a handle on the number of feral and community cats we're seeing..

If you would like to hear more about these kittens and the "Trap, Neuter & Return" program please view the FULL "Tuesday Tails" segment above and CLICK HERE to view the Facebook LIVE that our Natalie Parsons did with the rescue.

For more information about the pets available for adoption please visit the DOGS and CATS pages on the Pawmetto Lifeline website.

NOTE: Past "Tuesday Tail" pets including HOLLY and JESSA are still looking for their forever homes.

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