Two arrested after deputies find meth, money and stolen car during bust


KERSHAW COUNTY, SC (WACH) – Two people are now behind bars after deputies found meth, money and a car during a drug bust, according to the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office.

Thirty-three-year-old Anthony Scott Chosewood and 32-year-old Jasmine Lenamay Dickover are now charged with trafficking meth that was over 2.16 lbs. Chosewood was also charged with a second offense of possessing marijuana.

According to Chief Deputy Jack Rushing, deputies received information over a year period about drug trafficking at a home near Pine Grove Rd.

Investigators watched the home during that period and on the night of May 17, deputies saw Chosewood driving a 2004 Mercedes Benz with North Carolina tags with Dickover sitting in the front passenger seat and leaving the home.

Deputies followed the two from the home and were able to pull them over on Pine Grove Rd. When deputies approached the car, a narcotics investigator started to smell marijuana, according to the department.

As deputies searched the car, they found one kilogram of meth in the trunk, under one ounce of marijuana and $7,159. Chosewood and Dickover were then arrested and taken to the Kershaw County Detention Center where they still remain.

Both Chosewood and Dickover have extensive criminal records in the State of Georgia to include numerous narcotics violations and methamphetamine charges.

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