USC student inspires others after he gives meal to homeless man


When some hear the word "Millennial", they are likely to associate negative words like ‘entitled,’ ‘lazy’ or ‘selfish,’ especially amongst the older generations.

Given that those born in the 90s and 00s are the future leaders of tomorrow, it is important to highlight when millennials do the opposite of what others expect from them, which is the case for two students who attend the University of South Carolina.

A simple reflective Facebook post quickly gained over one thousand likes and four hundred shares in just a few hours on Tuesday.

Graduating senior Charlotte Cannon went to her Facebook page after she witnessed a very kind act by a complete stranger.

Just before noon, Cannon was waiting to cross the street. She stood near another pedestrian and noticed a homeless man asked the pedestrian for money to buy a burger.

The pedestrian, who is a USC student as well, stopped, opened up his backpack and handed over his Tupperware container that was filled with grilled chicken and rice.

Cannon--who knows the struggle of being a "broke college student"--was taken back and reminded of just how fortunate she was to have access to all of the things that she not only needs but wants.

According to her Facebook post, the kind student shook the homeless man's hand and proceeded to walk across the street.

When she told the stranger he had done a really nice thing, he replied, "That's what anyone should have done--just gotta give back."

Cannon was inspired to be more like this kind stranger. What she loved most about him was that no one else was around them at the time, so he did not do it for attention.

"He did it because he is genuinely a compassionate person,” Cannon told WACH Fox. “When I said something about it to him after, he shrugged it off like it was nothing"

The mystery man's gesture was something Cannon and many others were happy to hear; the story was positive and could break through the negative news that has become the norm of the younger generation.

When asked what would she say to those who are afraid to give because of scammers, she replied, "At the end of the day, even if it is a scam, it's worth the chance if it means that it could potentially help someone. But most importantly, just be friendly."

Two complete strangers, both millennials, are proof that there are genuinely great people in the world who can help to raise an even greater generation to come.

The loyal Gamecock also wanted to let it be known that the "Gamecocks have some of the best hearts."

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