Use this checklist to save money on Black Friday

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Columbia, SC (WACH) --Nearly 140 Americans will take part in Thanksgiving weekend shopping.

Craig McDaniel is a financial advisor for the McDaniel Corporation. He shared with WACH FOX his Black Friday Checklist.

First, he recommends making a list. According the other National Retail Federation more than half of shoppers admit they will splurge on themselves and others. that alone will cost more than $130.

"People also need to take advantage of the apps that are available on their cell phones," McDaniel adds.

Plenty of money saving apps like ShopAdvisor, BuyVia, Amazon, and ScanLife can help with this.

"My personal favorite is ShopSavvy. You point your phone at an item that has a barcode, and it instantly compares prices at other stores. You get the best deal and know where to travel for your final purchase."

The third tip he strongly advises is to avoid store credit. Stores will be offering a certain percentage off of your purchase if you open up a credit card. McDaniel says unless you plan to pay it off every month, it could cost you.

"My clients have had issues with this in the past. The average APR for retail credit card is more than 23% which is huge. Tying that in with the holidays, last-minute shoppers spend, on average $250 more than early shoppers," McDaniel says.

McDaniel adds reading to the list. Saying it simply starts with researching store policies. Checking return and exchange policies, make sure you know how many days you have to bring something back and check to see if there's a restocking fee.

The last tip is to try to score free online shipping.

"A lot of people don't like crowds, so online shopping is a common thing to do. So there's plenty of deals online. If it's free shipping that instantly saves a good bit of money on larger purchases."

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