Veterans find unconventional healing at the Big Red Barn

Angie Porter

Soldiers risk their lives serving and fighting for our freedom, but adjusting to civilian life can be a challenge. Angie Porter served in the army for nearly a decade. After retiring, she was diagnosed with diabetes and hypothyroidism. She also dealt with panic attacks twice a week, ergophobia, and anxiety.

But thanks to the Big Red Barn and the community she's found there, she's found transformation and freedom through an unconventional coping method: yoga.

"The doctor said I didn't need the diabetes and hypothyroidism medicine anymore and to keep doing what I was doing. I gladly accepted," says Porter.

Porter's yoga instructor praises her for her desire to learn and better herself. Her hard work shows in the fact she is now a certified yoga instructor herself, something she never thought she'd do. Porter also lost 40 pounds.

"I've seen people come in, not say 2 words, leave with a smile on their face. They keep coming back. I'm one of those people. I'm gonna keep coming back. Now I'm in a position where I can put a smile on their face. That was me one time," says Porter.

The Big Red Barn offers several other methods for healing: gardening, equine-assisted therapy and healing art. Porter says she looks forward to helping people who have helped her find healing through yoga.

"Nobody understands a veteran more than a veteran," says Porter.

Hear more from Porter on her journey to recovery on WACH FOX News Thursday night at 10.

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