Victim's family hopes others learn from viral video of fight

Trace Judy (Courtesy: Gwynne Gilmer)

Video of an assault down a dirt road in Andrews has gone viral, and six teens have been charged in connection.

A spokesperson with the Georgetown County Sheriff's Office said they expect to make more arrests in the case.

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The victim, identified by his mother as Trace Judy, seen in the video, as well as his family was also in the hearing.

Judy's mother, Gwynne Gilmer, called her son a hero. Gilmer said Trace had heard his friend was going to be in a one-on-one fight down a dirt road and didn't want him to go by himself.

"They got there and there were a couple other boys there already because everybody knew the fight was going to go. He said he realized, he looked and saw the one boy who was starting the fight with his friend, was coming down the road with about six other trucks behind him. Then he said all the sudden 12, 15, 20 kids jumped out the truck so he and his friend took off running the opposite way," she said.

Gilmer said her son said his friend were hit and kicked few times, so Trace stepped in.

“I'm so incredibly proud of my son. He is probably the bravest person I know because he said, ‘Mom, I couldn’t let my friend get beat like that so I just took it all for him,'" she said.

The assault was filmed and posted to social media.

"You can see my son put his hands in his pocket never said a word. One of the boys punched him in the jaw, he fell in the ditch so he got out of the ditch and they threw him to the ground and all 12-15 boys started kicking him stomping him in his head and face.”

It's been traumatic for both Gilmer and her daughter Gracynne Judy watching the video.

“To see anyone like that, but my brother. My baby. I can't imagine ever, like, I’ve never felt that way before and I never want to see that happen to anyone again, especially him," Gracynne said.

Now, the hope is others will learn a lesson from this. “This has ruined those boys lives. They play football, they play baseball, they were planning to go to college with scholarships and everything and they probably won’t now. They did it not even to get back at someone or anything, it was no reason. So they’ve thrown their lives away for no reason," Gracynne said.

“Boys are boys. They are going to fight. But 15 boys, a mob, is unacceptable and I just want parents to understand that this really can happen," Gilmer said.

Gilmer is happy her son is alive, because things could have ended much worse. She said they have received so much love and support from the community and know they will get justice for her son.

Anyone who may have information about the assault is asked to call the Sheriff's Office at 843-546-5102.

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