VIDEO: Senator called DUI arrest and process 'bull----'

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Video released by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division shows the administration of the breathalyzer test following the arrest of Senator Paul Campbell.

It also shows the senator continuing to challenge the accuracy of the test and equipment provided by the state.

“Listen, the DataMaster sucks, OK,” Sen. Campbell said while waiting on the administration of the test. The trooper responds it’s the only option available.

“It’s all you got, because it’s all we give you,” Campbell said.

The administration of the test followed several minutes of paperwork. During that time the senator and trooper talked sports. There are sections during which SLED edited the audio that contain personal and/or health information. The time waiting, the trooper explains is also required by law and is used to protect the defendant in DUI cases from higher readings due to recent mouthwash use and etc.

There’s no shortage of Campbell sharing his frustration with the process, even referring to it as “bullshit.”

“You shouldn’t have had to handcuff me, OK. …You kinda gotta gauge the people you’re with. I wasn’t gonna hurt ya,” the senator said.

He admitted there are positives to his arrest and experience of the process, first-hand. He also admitted there are other aspects where the series of events “kinda sucks.”

“I am not DUI,” Campbell said after guessing he maybe was a .05 or .03.

“I wasn’t driving anyway, so I can’t be DUI if I wasn’t driving.”

After blowing a .09 Campbell sounded surprised and asked to blow again. He then argued if tested when he was at the car, it would have been .06. He blamed the .09 on the officer waiting before testing him.

“The alcohol’s in the stomach, and it goes into the system,” Campbell said.

Previously released video of Sen. Campbell's arrest and transport to the Al Cannon Detention Center also shows his frustration with the situation. In that video, Campbell said the Datamaster was "easy to beat" in court. He also looked straight at a dashboard camera in the trooper's cruiser and promised changes in legislation.

Senator Campbell smiled during a Sunday, Nov. 6 bond hearing after his Nov. 5 arrest. Following his bond hearing, he insisted he was not driving and said the truth will come out in court.

The woman Campbell's vehicle struck on November 5th has since begun a civil case against the senator. The attorney for Michaela Caddin argues her integrity has been called into question following the series of events.

Senator Campbell is currently represented by attorney Andy Savage. Campbell is the executive director and CEO of the Charleston County Aviation Authority. Savage is a member of the aviation authority's board of trustees.

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