Vista Guild talks about what Vista shooting means for development

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Meredith Atkinson is executive director of the Vista Guild and has to ensure the Vista district is developing and thriving. But a Saturday morning shooting outside the Empire Supper Club put safety into question.

"We want to see any kind of business flourish and do well. Unfortunately this one was not going to do well in the vista and some come and go. Safety is our number one concern in the vista not just after something tragic happens over the weekend," says Atkinson.

Columbia police were on the scene within seconds of the first gunshot. Atkinson says it's incredible to know the area was immediately being taken care of. That Saturday afternoon Police Chief Skip Holbrook declared the club a public nuisance and chained its doors shut. The Vista Guild supports that decision.

"We are an arts and cultural neighborhood and we wanna make sure any business is doing well and not just getting by so we hope any business that goes into that space has that success we see so many other merchants have," says Atkinson.

The owner of Empire Supper Club and his attorney are expected to meet with Columbia police on Tuesday to talk about plans for the club.

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