WACH: Protecting your windows from tropical force winds


    Columbia, S.C. (WACH)- We all want to protect our homes from Hurricane Florence but what are the best ways to do so? Owner of Fish Window Cleaning, Mike Adams, is debunking some myths about the best way to take care of your windows with tropical storm winds heading to the Midlands.

    There have been claims that leaving a window open or ajar can help equalize the pressure of a hurricane on your house. This is FALSE. All windows should be closed securely because an open window can let flying debris inside the house causing serious injury and damage.

    Despite the common misconception, you should not put an X made out of tape on your glass windows. This can cause larger glass shards to form and may actually be more deadly and cause more damage.

    A layer of 5/8-inch thick plywood can help protect windows if storm shutters are unavailable.

    Join Adams on Good Day Columbia in our 8:30 half hour with Candace Murphy for more information about ways to protect your family and your home from the storm.

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