"We do not stand for that" USC community response to hate posters after MLK day

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COLUMBIA, SC (WACH)--The University of South Carolina community is responding to racially charged fliers found on campus. The fliers were found Tuesday morning as students returned to class after Winter break. The flyers calling African Americans "dumb" and "stupid monkeys" also made comments about the presidential election. University officials hosted an open forum Thursday night to talk about the incident and how to move forward.

Students, faculty, staff and community members from all different backgrounds packed the Russell House Theater at USC, eager to voice concerns and get answers after the fliers were found on campus. When passed a microphone, one student commented, "The punishment should be so extreme that people don't think twice.

Hurt and anger were just two words mentioned during the open dialogue hosted by the offices of Multicultural Student Affairs and Diversity. The day after Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, students faced a display of hate, which quickly circulated social media.

"I was expecting there to be an African American audience. And while there were a lot of African American students, there were a lot of white people, Latinos. I was really happy about that," says Freshman Tiarra King, who was there.

For an entire hour, questions followed more questions on how to respond to a hate-filled act. Some students say they walked away with mixed feelings.

"I feel like [with] racial situations, you you can't talk about that in an hour. You could talk about that in a year honestly. It wasn't completely satisfying but I'm satisfied w the fact they had this instead of just leaving it alone ," says King.

Those advocating for students call it a step in the right direction.

"Everybody was respectful in how they asked their questions but made their feelings known. I think they're going to continue to ask and push us to do more," says Diversity Director Tisha Felder.

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