Willow Creek Apartment residents return after being evacuated

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COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) - Residents of the Willow Creek Apartments are returning home Monday, after being evacuated from the historic floods.

"From what we hear the dam broke up above us, which caused flooding in here," said property manager Heather Lovell.

"The water was getting higher; it just came in fast. It was really devastating for us," added resident Christine Robinson.

Early Sunday morning, rescue crews arrived on boats to help people from their apartments. Monday, residents were able to finally check on the damage to their homes.

What they found was fallen branches, person items scattered, even furniture stuck in trees. But for one family, the floods weren't the end.

" Overnight we had a break-in, so whatever was upstairs they can in and took; TV's jewelry, everything," said Pamela Courts.

Lovell stated they are top priority is the safety and concerns of their residents and to try to establish some kind of calm.

For resident Juamaame Evins even though they lost a lot in the floods, they are glad to know that their family came together.

"Even though we lost everything and stuff got stolen, we can rebuild together and help each other and be each other's backbones and carry each other through this time because we need each other," Evins said.

"At the end of the day, we're still here and no one lost their life or anything like that, just pray about it," said Denee Brewton.

A positive look at a disastrous situation that this family will take as they start to rebuild.

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