Woman urging others to embrace natural hair; says relaxers are to blame for brain cancer

    Woman urging others to embrace natural hair after relaxers are to blame for brain cancer<p>{/p}

    A woman is sharing more about her battle against brain cancer. The journey includes warning women about what they put in their hair.

    Ros Singleton is thankful to have a second chance at life. She tested positive for stage three brain cancer when she was 30 years old. It all started with severe migraines while Singleton was serving in the Navy.

    "The doctor said I had a large mass on my brain. It was on the right back side of my brain, basically pushing my brain to the left, causing migraines and blurred vision. If I laid on one side, I'd have a seashell-type noise in my ears," said Singleton.

    In July 2013, she left the military to have a tumor removed from her brain, and went into remission that December. Singleton says she and her doctors ruled out all risk factors that could have caused it, except for hair relaxers. It's a cream that breaks down the hair strands by chemically altering the texture.

    "Given my medical history--being in the military, eating healthy, and down to what it probably was, the relaxers or the perms, which I'd been putting on my hair for many years...My mother used to put it in my hair as a child," said Singleton.

    For 20 years, Singleton says she put relaxers in her hair up to three times a month. Now, she's using her story to help other women put down the chemicals and embrace their natural beauty.

    Singleton has to have checkups every six months to make sure the cancer cells don't come back. But she says this is just the beginning. Singleton and her husband Ray got married Sunday. And she says she has nothing to hide, scar and all.

    "I'm very thankful my husband supports me. He met me with no hair and he loves me with no hair. So it makes my no hair journey so much easier," said Singleton.

    "Do what makes you feel comfortable and what makes you feel good in your skin. If that is having no hair like me, or having a weave or wig, as long as it's natural and not chemical, I support it."

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