Wounded Warrior service dog stolen from owner in home burglary


COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) --- Darrell Shealy served 16 years in the Army and now battles PTSD.

Last Monday, City of Columbia surveillance cameras captured two men breaking into his home off Gavilan Avenue. The men stole a flat screen TV and his black and white service husky ‘Blu.’ "Having that animal with me all the time it gives me that comfront zone,” Shealy said. "I usually take him to work with me when I go out and work he's there in the car because that's my comfort zone if I feel threatened by any kind of means I just get close to him."

Shealy said the 10-month-old husky was locked inside the house while he and his wife were away. When they got home, Shealy noticed the screen on his front window had been removed. "Not only do me and my wife feel our home is violated,” Shealy said. “I don't feel comfortable anymore I haven't been back to the house since the incident occurred."

Shealy hopes his dog is returned and that the men who stole him will hear his message. "You've taken a child from me and my wife,” Shealy said. “We're emotionally devastated and other than having the monetary value to you I would have liked to reached out to you and ask you to return my dog to me."

This is the second time that a dog has been stolen from Shealy. Three years ago another service dog was stolen. If you have any information about his case, you are asked to call crimestoppers.

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