6-year-old twin brothers save girl from drowning

    Twins Bryant (left) and Peyton (right) share quite a heroic story (WNWO).

    BOWLING GREEN, Ohio (WNWO) -- You expect a lifeguard to save someone from drowning, but what about a pair of 6-year-olds?

    What started as a fun family vacation turned into a story this family will never forget.

    Twin boys from Bowling Green saved a toddler from the deep end of a hotel pool in Florida.

    "We are so proud of them we always want them to help others when they can but the fact that they saved a little girl's life is amazing, especially at 6-years-old," said their mother Amy Walters.

    The family of five was on vacation in Florida when twin brothers Peyton and Bryant Switzer, noticed something wasn't right.

    "Her head was under the water," said Peyton.

    "The toddler little girl sprinted behind and ran to the deep end and jumped in and that's where the twins were playing," said DJ Deiter, Amy's fiancee. "As soon as she was in there they realized that she was in trouble because she was starting to sink and splash around."

    So without hesitation, the little pint-sized heroes sprung into action.

    "She ran over to the steps at the deep end and she jumped in, and Peyton jumped in and then put his arm around her and then he [brought] her to the ladder and I helped her out," said Bryant.

    The boys were able to pull the girl to the pool ladder and help her out of the water safely where she was met by her mother.

    The family said they credit swim lessons the twins took at the Bowling Green City Pool, which equipped them with the knowledge to react and save the young girl's life.

    "Until this moment I never realized how important or how much swim lessons could affect young children especially at that age, because most 6-year-olds wouldn't know to just grab them," said Micaela Schempf, Bryant and Peyton's water safety instructor.

    And their heroic actions haven't gone unnoticed.

    The boys received honorable citizens awards from State Representative Theresa Gavarone.

    But they are still quite humble.

    "I did what I was supposed to do and that's what I did," said Peyton.

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