Family picking up pieces after fundraiser money stolen

One family is picking up the pieces after a benefit to support their father took a bad turn.

One family is picking up the pieces after a benefit to support their father took a bad turn.

62-year-old Joe Majewski has stomach cancer that spread to his liver and now, has spots in his lungs. He’s terminal.

"I wanted to help out cause my mom has no money... in our family, we don’t have money like that so we could have a proper funeral for my dad,” said Joe’s son, David Majewski.

David and girlfriend Mariah Vacheresse hosted a fundraiser Jan. 11 at Frank’s House Bar to help raise money for his dad.

"We were charging a door fee, we had – I think it was like 15 raffles, we had T-shirts made that we were selling. It was going really good,” Mariah said.

All until a fight broke out inside. A table was flipped, and the money was stolen.

"We were up to 800, and then an hour later is when it happened. So we were probably over $1,000 just from the door,” Mariah said. "By the time we gathered the ones and everything, there was only around $200 left - which we put more than 200 in to make the event happen.”

The most devastating part for Majewski was having to break the news to his dad.

"It was hard for me to tell my dad the next morning, because my dad was sitting right here,” David said. “I did get to get him out for a little bit and then he wanted to go home, and the next day I called him to tell him we didn’t get nothing.”

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department responded to the incident, but they did not wish to pursue criminal charges.

"It hurt me - I was up the last two nights crying,” David said. “The last two months we did this, I wanted everything perfect and just to help him out, and it just all broke loose. I failed at it. I feel like I failed my dad.”

The family has a GoFundMe set up. Anyone interested in donating can go to the page here.

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