Police: Disgruntled employee brought gun to Michigan Ford plant, killed himself

    Police have responded to reports of a shooting at a Ford plant in Woodhaven, Michigan. (MGN)

    After initial reports of an active shooter situation at a Ford plant in Woodhaven, Michigan, police confirmed Friday that the suspect killed himself and did not fire at anybody else.

    The plant was evacuated on Friday morning amid reports of gunfire.

    “A disgruntled employee came in, there was a labor relation issue, at some point he presented a gun," said Woodhaven Deputy Chief Scott Fraczek. "He did not fire at anybody. When officers were called, as they were approaching the subject, he pulled a gun and killed himself.”

    Earlier, Michigan State Police had confirmed they were on the scene of an "active shooter situation" at the plant.

    Fraczek said bomb squad officers were brought in to investigate a suspicious package the shooter was carrying.

    According to Michigan State Police, the item was later cleared and the scene is secure.

    The Woodhaven Stamping Plant where the shooting occurred has been in operation since 1964 and employs 420 people, according to Ford's website.

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