Salvation Army says donations are low compared to last year

The Salvation Army (WGME)

SANFORD (WGME) – The Salvation Army says donations are down by more than a thousand dollars compared to this time last year.

The Sanford Salvation Army works to provide assistance to people in need, especially during the Winter season.

The donations go towards helping people with rent, utility and food assistance.

Lieutenant Railene Griffin of The Salvation Army said, “As you know it gets really cold in Maine, and one of the things we do is help people keep their electricity on, keeping heat in their house, and it’s helpful to be able do those thingsneed knows no season, this doesn't just help us now, but all year round.”

If you don't see any bell ringers, The Salvation Army says you can always stop by any of their locations. They are also accepting non-perishable food items.

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