Little Debbie: Your favorite treats aren't going anywhere

    In a tweet on Little Debbie's twitter, it seems to appear that the snack company is getting rid of one of their classic snacks (Photo: Little Debbie)


    Our sister station WTVC in Chattanooga spoke with Mike Gloecker, a spokesman for McKee Foods, which makes Little Debbies in nearby Collegedale, Tennessee.

    He told WTVC the company has no plans whatsoever to get rid of any of its products, and admits the tweet was a marketing ploy to get people talking about which of the four they could live without if they had to.

    He says getting rid of any of the four products it named would be like Coca-Cola removing Diet Coke from its assembly line.

    So rest easy, Little Debbie lovers, none of the four products are going anywhere anytime soon!


    Is Little Debbie looking to get rid of one of their most popular treats?

    A tweet the snack company posted Thursday seems to suggest it's true.

    The tweet said "Which one?" and then included a photo of four classic sweet snacks that said "one gottta go forever."

    It's not clear if one of these snacks is really going to be discontinued, but many people are raging on social media at the thought of it.

    Little Debbie then tweeted a short time later saying, "We didn't say it would be easy. #OneGottaGo."

    People have been responding which snack they said should go, but Little Debbie did respond to one "clever response" suggesting to get rid of “the one that gets stale the fastest."

    So...which one should go?

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