Steve Bannon's Charleston visit brings counter-rally out to The Citadel's campus

Thomas Meservey, Navy Veteran (WCIV).jpg

“No hate in Charleston” were the types of chants heard at the peaceful counter-rally Friday afternoon on The Citadel’s campus.

The counter-rally came in light of Steve Bannon’s speech on The Citadel’s campus.

The rally started this afternoon at around 4 p.m. with people from Pastor Dixon and The Coalition, the National Action Network, and Indivisible Charleston.

A man in support of Steve Bannon called the people in the counter-rally ‘rude bigots’ telling officers that they were ‘attacking’ him.

This all started when the counter-rally realized that people in support of Bannon were in the same area as them.

The confrontation was fizzled out by officers.

Throughout the rally, ABC News spoke with different people from Pastor Dixon to a Navy Veteran.

Thomas Meservey, a Navy Veteran was in attendance with a sign that read “We will not stand for racism in Charleston”.

He was there with Indivisible Charleston which he says he’s been a part of since its inception.

Meservey said he was out at the rally exercising his first amendment right, “Steve Bannon has had a long history of demagoguery, racism, white supremacy views, and I just don’t feel there’s any part in the United States for that.”

Pastor Dixon said the rally was a peace move, and a rally about unity.

You can watch coverage of the rally below.

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