DeAndre Hopkins Wasn't Happy With Clemson Experience

Wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins has run a 4.41-second time in the 40-yard dash at Clemson in front of New York Jets coach Rex Ryan and personnel from 31 NFL teams

HOUSTON, TX (WACH) -- DeAndre Hopkins is a Pro Bowl wide receiver and the number one option for the Houston Texans but it was not always that way.

While appearing on Arian Foster's podcast "Now What?" he told his former teammate that he felt like the red-headed stepchild because he was often the second or third option at wide receiver and never felt like a priority to the coaches. These feelings factored into Hopkins leaving Clemson early for the NFL.

Hopkins also mentioned that his family was still eating Ramen noodles while he was in college so returning to Clemson definitely was not an option. He compared college to a Ponzi scheme saying "Even if you're not an athlete, it puts you in debt."

The Houston Texans will be traveling to Los Angeles to take on the Rams on Nov. 12 with a 4:05pm ET kick off time.

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