An A'ja Wilson statue? Dawn Staley wants it as soon as possible


South Carolina women's basketball star A'ja Wilson accepted the prestigious Naismith trophy yesterday at Colonial Life Arena. The trophy is given to the best men's and the best women's college basketball players in the country.

While hundreds of fans gathered in front of the CLA to cheer on A'ja's last ceremony of the awards season, the topic quickly changed to something else: building an A'ja Wilson statue to put in front of Colonial Life Arena.

"They say they don't want A'ja to leave, right?" South Carolina women's basketball coach Dawn Staley said to the crowd at Colonial Life Arena. "So what do we need? We need an A'ja Wilson statue right outside here!"

Staley kept the campaign going during Monday's ceremony telling the crowd to let their voices be heard about building a Wilson statue.

"I need you to flood President Pastides' emails," Staley said. "At the same time, "cc" coach Tanner and let them know how much you want an A'ja Wilson statue outside Colonial Life Arena!"

Staley and A'ja Wilson had a press conference shortly after the presentation of the Naismith trophy where Staley kept the conversation going about a statue. She said she would "get things going" by donating $100,000 to getting the statue built.

"I'm gonna be the first one leading the charge in paying for the statue," Staley said.

Staley then joked around with Wilson about what the statue would look like.

"With that being said (paying for the statue)," Staley joked. "I'm gonna pick the pose."

Wilson then chimed in by saying "I'm about to look like a hot mess!"

"I'm gonna say it out loud. I'm gonna give $100,000," Staley said. "There's another challenge (to fans)!"

Wilson heads to New York on Wednesday where she will attend the WNBA draft. The draft is on Thursday night and Wilson is predicted by many to be the number one overall pick to the Las Vegas Aces.

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