Gray Collegiate coach Dion Bethea sits down with Corey Miller in studio


During tonight's WACH FOX news at 10 broadcast, the head coach of the Gray Collegiate boys basketball team Dion Bethea sits down with our Corey Miller to discuss his team's 2A state championship run.

"It was a great feeling just sitting there looking at my kids' faces," Bethea said. "Everybody was so excited so it was good."

Bethea also talked with Miller about the death of one of the JV team's players, Tiquan Taylor. Taylor was shot and killed last week at just 14 years old.

"It was definitely tough for our kids," Bethea said. "Any young life lost is tough. We met with the kids, we talked to 'em... and that whole week leading up to the championship game, they wanted to dedicate it to him."

You can watch the full interview with Corey Miller and Dion Bethea in the video above.

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