For Jake Bentley, the big occasion is what you play for

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South Carolina quarterback Jake Bentley stepped up in a huge way for the Gamecocks in their 17-16 victory over Louisiana Tech on Saturday.

After LA Tech hit a field goal to go up 16-14, the Gamecocks had less than a minute to make something happen... and that's when Bentley took the game into his own hands.

Bentley led the Gamecocks into field goal range, without any timeouts left, allowing Parker White to kick the game-winning field goal and move South Carolina to a 3-1 overall record. For Jake Bentley, he said those final moments, when the game is on the line and everyone in the stadium is glued to the action, are why he plays football in the first place.

"You gotta want those situations as a player," Bentley said. "When you're thinking about football, you put yourself in those situations. When you're just sitting in class thinking about it, you're like 'Ok, 50 seconds left, down by 1, what are we gonna do? What are we gonna call?' So, it's just a matter of making the play and finding a way to get it done."

While the quarterback is obviously a key part in making that final push to win a nail-biting game, South Carolina's star quarterback made sure to emphasize that it was the entire team who made that final field goal possible.

Bentley said, "We knew what we had to do and we had to go put it in field goal range for Parker to make the field goal. I had complete confidence in him and he drilled it."

After two home games, South Carolina is back on the road next week as they take on Texas A&M.

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