Frank Martin on decision to add Brian Bowen to his program


South Carolina men's basketball head coach Frank Martin is ecstatic to add former 5-star recruit Brian Bowen to the men's basketball program. Bowen, formerly with Louisville, left the Cardinals after an FBI investigation began on the program.

It is being alleged that Bowen is the player at the forefront of that investigation, but Martin said he has reasons to believe otherwise.

"I wasn't a part of it so I don't have to worry about it," Martin said. "And from the information I have, neither was he... I don't think he's made mistakes."

Martin also put an emphasis on the fact that Bowen is still a teenager and deserves a second chance at succeeding in a college basketball program.

"I'm into going forward!" Martin said. "My excitement for him is the joy I see on his face that he feels he's a part of a school that's willing to believe in him and stand up for him and fight for him."

Another Gamecock star that isn't playing this season is Rakym Felder. Felder, part of last year's magical Final Four run, was suspended this semester after legal trouble in 2017. Martin said, however, that today was Felder's first day back with the team, but he will not be playing this season.

"I could play him tomorrow if I wanted to," Martin said. "We need a point guard! I could use his personality, and I could use a point guard... but it's not the right thing to do."

Felder is expected to return to the men's basketball team next season.

South Carolina's next game is Saturday, January 13th at Georgia.

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