Mom walks out of ceremony after son chooses to go to Florida

Photo courtesy: ESPN/SBNation

National signing day is always an exciting one for high school athletes making their decisions regarding college sports. On Wednesday, however, what was meant to be one of the biggest moments of Jacob Copeland's life turned into one of the most awkward.

Copeland, a 4-star wide receiver from Pensacola, Florida, was choosing between Alabama, Tennessee, and Florida. His pick, broadcast live on ESPN, was Florida.

After the crowd cheered on his decision, things got very awkward. Copeland's mom, wearing an Alabama hoodie and a Tennessee hat, got up and walked away from the ceremony as soon as Copeland picked the Gators.

Copeland told ESPN, "I can't go with my mom. I gotta go with my heart."

Later on in the ceremony, Copeland broke down into tears after the tension of his mom's departure. She later came back to the ceremony and embraced her son as he was sobbing in the school's gymnasium.

Copeland ranks as one of the top 10 receivers in the country. You can see the moment and Twitter's reaction to the event below.

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