Steph Curry still interested in becoming Panthers owner

When news came out in late 2017 that Panthers owner Jerry Richardson would be selling the Carolina Panthers after sexual assault allegations came to the forefront, many high profile celebrities took to social media to express their interest in buying the team.

People such as rapper/business mogul Diddy, former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, and NBA star/Charlotte native Steph Curry made their interest in the team very public. Many people, however, thought those celebrities were just trying to make some noise on social media or didn't have a realistic chance to be the next owner.

Curry, however, has other plans. After practice for the Golden State Warriors ended on Monday afternoon, he made it clear that he is still very much interested in being the next Panthers owner.

"It's a pretty interesting opportunity," Curry said. "I've had conversations with plenty of people about the right way to go about it and just the different approaches I could personally take."

The Panthers' season came to an official end on Sunday afternoon after the team lost in the NFC wildcard round to the New Orleans Saints. That means the team is officially up for sale, and Curry said being the owner would mean a lot to him since Charlotte is his hometown.

"I'm a fan first and foremost," Curry said. "To be able to be a part of something that represents Charlotte so well, in my hometown, it's something I could plug into my hometown vibe."

When the news first broke that the Panthers would be sold, Curry tweeted in response to Diddy's original tweet expressing interest saying he wanted to become partners with the business mogul. Curry said on Monday that he has been in contact with Diddy about plans moving forward for their bid.

"He's a phenomenal businessman," Curry said. "A guy that's turned nothing into a lot and his track record is pretty strong. When I talked to him, he mentioned the opportunities, it's been on his radar for a long time, and he has a special connection with Charlotte too."

There has been no timetable given on when the Carolina Panthers will officially be sold by.

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