The Patriots before the dynasty; Former Gamecock and Patriot Sanford shares tale

Photo courtesy of Rick Sanford/Facebook

*Editor's Note: Last year before the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons met in Super Bowl LI, former Gamecock and Patriot Rick Sanford sat down with WACH FOX's Mike Uva to talk about what life was like playing for New England before the dynasty. With the Patriots playing tonight in the Super Bowl, we thought we'd dig this story up again as the Patriots seek their third Super Bowl Champion in four years.

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) -- With Tom Brady and the New England Patriots headed to their seventh Super Bowl appearance in 15 years, it's easy to forget that times weren't always this great in New England.

"The Patriots were just one of 28 other teams at the time," said Sanford, who was drafted in the first-round by New England in the 1979 NFL Draft. "The perception of the Patriots, at the time, wasn't that big."

Before Sanford arrived, New England had only won one playoff game in their 19 years of existence and struggled to fill the stadium. As a result, many games were blacked out near Boston leaving fans to have to travel outside a 50-70 mile radius from the state capital in order to watch the team on television.

Sanford shares the story of what playing for the Patriots was like before the dynasty with WACH FOX's Mike Uva. Watch this story above.

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