WACH: Benedict football coach Mike White discusses historic Tigers season

WACH: Benedict football coach Mike White discusses historic Tigers season

COLUMBIA, SC -- Two years after going (0-10), the Benedict Tigers' football team completed the 2017 season with one of their best records in program history.

Going (7-2), this marks just the second seven-plus-win season for the Tigers since the program was brought back in 1995, after football was dropped by the college from 1967-94.

In December of 2014, Mike White was named head coach of the Tigers. They went (0-10) in his first season at the helm but quickly turned things around last year improving to (5-6).

"When White came in, the first thing I understood was commitment is something that will help you win along the way," explained senior wide receiver Okechi Ntiasagwe, following Saturday's season-finale win against Kentucky State. "We didn't have that at first when coach White wasn't here. But he instilled that in us from day one."

White inherited a Benedict team who went (14-28) the previous four seasons before his arrival, with no more than four wins in a single season.

"It's tough when you go in and you're preaching one thing and the guys are working hard," said White, on his first-season as head coach. "The guys we won with this year were the same guys we had in 2015 (my first season) and I think that's what made us a strong team.

According to Benedict's athletic archives, the (7-2) record also ties the program's best win percentage set in 1950 with at least eight games played. The Tigers went (6-1) in 1949 and (4-0) in 1923.

Watch the full interview with coach White and WACH FOX sportscaster Mike Uva above.

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