WACH: Benedict's Kirkland and Ntiasagwe reaction following 20-16 win over KY State

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COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) -- The Benedict Tigers completed their first seven-plus-win season since 2008 after defeating Kentucky State in their season finale. And although the Tigers won't be headed to the SIAC Championship or Division II playoffs, history was made today in Columbia.

"This is great," said senior defensive back Edward Kirkland, who was a standout in high school at AC Flora. "We went from 0 and 10 (two years ago) to 7 and 2 (this year) and 5 and 0 at home. It's just great to get it back in front of the home crowd."

According to Benedict's athletic archives, the (7-2) record ties the program's best win percentage set in 1950 with at least eight games played.

"When (head) coach (Mike) White came in, the first thing I understood was commitment is something that will help you win along the way," explained senior wide receiver Okechi Ntiasagwe, who went to high school at Ridge View. "We didn't have that at first when coach White wasn't here. But he instilled that in us from day one."

This marks just the second seven-plus-win season for the Tigers since the program was brought back in 1995, after football was dropped by the college from 1967-94.

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