WCW: Local Softball instructor coaching on an international level

Jessica Boulware, pitching coach for the Puerto Rican National team, is this week's WCW.

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH)- Every Wednesday we celebrate the accomplishments of the ladies in the sports world through our Woman Crush Wednesday segment. This week, local softball coach Jessica Boulware gets the nod.

Boulware, who's maiden name is Van Der Linden, is originally from California but moved to the Midlands with her husband, former NFL-er Michael Boulware. The couple met when they were both student athletes at Florida State University.

Jessica Boulware has international softball experience. She played on the Puerto Rican national team and currently serves as the program's pitching coach. She also gives private pitching lessons. She also used to be the head coach of the Cardinal Newman softball team.

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