A Solid Orange Debate: Is KB2 better than DW4?

Solid Orange: Blossomgame looking for his chance in this year's NBA Draft

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH)-- On this week'e episode of Solid Orange, WACH FOX's Courtney King is joined by Zach Lentz of the Times and Democrat and former Tiger Linebacker Altroy Bodrick. Zach and Troy immediately clash over the question, "Is Kelly Bryant better than DeShaun Watson?"

Zach, being the writer that he is, used big numbers and statistics to support his theory that Kelly Bryant could be better than DeShaun Watson. Zach's biggest argument was that Watson statistically threw more interceptions in the college game than Bryant. But slow down Zach, it's only been three games. Troy did not want to hear any of this and feels it's much too early to throw out such blasphemous allegations.

The crew also discussed the Tigers move to No. 2 from No. 3 in the Polls, the threat of Boston College, and their Solid Picks for the week.

Former Tiger and Solid Orange analyst Robert Carswell is this week's Solid Picks winner. Carswell picked Dorian O'Daniel last week. O'Daniel had a crucial pick-6 against Louisville that put the momentum in Clemson's favor.

"Solid Orange" airs on Wednesday nights at 11 pm ET on WACH FOX.

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