The Solid Orange "explosive" special

Solid Orange: Blossomgame looking for his chance in this year's NBA Draft

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH)- In this week's Solid Orange we talk explosives! The Tigers new running back duo, Tavien Feaster and Travis Etienne, have coined the new nickname, "TNT".

Naturally, our analysts wanted to argue and this time's it's over who's putting the T in "TNT". Zach Lentz, the Clemson beat writer for the Times and Democrat, actually went against his normal method of debate in this one. Lentz used Feaster's size and abilities to back up his hypothesis that Feaster is the stronger back (Lentz normally goes hard with stats).

However, Former Tiger Robert Carswell used statistical data to support his belief that the T is for Travis Etienne. Carswell has a point since Etienne has 4 touchdowns in 3 games played. The freshman also has 292 rushing yards. Feaster may have 1 TD but he's not too far behind Etienne, totaling 249 rushing yards so far this season.

The other "explosive" element to this week's Solid Orange is Justin Fuente's description of Clemson. The Virginia Tech Head Coach says, "it's like defusing a bomb. One small snip of the wire that's incorrect and 'boom,' you blow your hands off."

Don't worry the rest of this show is quite "bomb". You'll find out what's causing Carswell's indigestion and and why his nails are all gone.

"Solid Orange" airs on Wednesday nights at 11 pm ET on WACH FOX.

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