Bentley: Our goal is to win the East

Bentley: Our goal is to win the East

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) -- It's been a while since South Carolina last beat Georgia in Athens. In fact, Jake Bentley was still in middle school while a then sophomore Connor Shaw was leading USC at quarterback..

But with Saturday's game being against the No. 3 ranked-team in the land and SEC East title hopes still alive, Bentley says coach Will Muschamp hasn't brought that up with the team.

"Not really. He hasn't said too much about that because I don't think he really has to say anything," admitted Bentley. "Guys know how important this game is to our program and a lot of guys want this win being from Georgia."

Georgia leads the SEC East by two games at (6-0) in conference play with South Carolina two games back in second-place at (4-2). Hear more from the Gamecocks tonight on "The Huddle" on WACH FOX following the World Series.

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