Frank Martin addresses Lamont Evans, FBI investigation situation

Frank Martin addresses Lamont Evans, NCAA investigation situation (File photo)

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH)- Frank Martin did not mess around in his news conference Thursday.

The Gamecocks men's basketball head coach immediately addressed the "elephant in the room". Martin asked the media to ask questions about the arrest of former USC assistant coach, Lamont Evans, first so they could get it out of the way before talking about basketball.

Evans, among several other NCAA assistant basketball coaches, is connected to a corruption and bribery investigation into college basketball recruiting.

Martin said Evan's arrest "broke his heart" and that, "I'm not shocked by it but I'm shocked by who's apart of the investigation."

Martin also confirmed that neither he, nor South Carolina's basketball program, is being investigated.

Martin mentioned he has not spoken to his former assistant yet because he is "not ready for that day, yet".

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