Myra Ruiz 5 PM News Anchor

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Myra Ruiz anchors WACH FOX “Fastcast at Five”

Before coming to WACH FOX in February 2018, Myra was a reporter and weekend morning news anchor at WYFF in Greenville. In addition to the latest news stories, the show featured interviews with live, in-studio guests who raised awareness about various health and social movements and highlighted upcoming community events.

Myra’s extensive coverage of the Palmetto State started when she moved to South Carolina from Des Moines, Iowa in late 1998. Her work as a reporter often took her to the SC Statehouse, where she’d cover legislative battles, elections and other matters with a state-wide impact. She has also spent a lot of time in the courtroom covering civil and criminal cases. Reporting assignments also took her to the NASCAR track, where she won a regional Emmy for her coverage of the death of racing legend Dale Earnhardt.

Even though Myra’s career led her to local TV news, she actually studied print journalism and global studies at the University of Iowa.

Myra is a big patron of the arts and attends live performances – especially musical theater and dance – whenever she can. She has a daughter, Jasmine, and four cats. On Valentine’s Day, she became engaged to a guy named Guy.